Basic concepts of stress

Things to think about According to archaeological evidence, the first humans Homo habilis appeared in Africa about three million years ago.

Basic concepts of stress

Triangles Triangles A triangle is a three-person relationship system. A two-person system is unstable because it tolerates little tension before involving a third person. A triangle can contain much more tension without involving another person because the tension can shift around three relationships.

Spreading the tension can stabilize a system, but nothing gets resolved. Paradoxically, a triangle is more stable than a dyad, but a triangle creates an odd man out, which is a very difficult position for individuals to tolerate. Anxiety generated by anticipating being or by being the odd man out is a potent force in triangles.

The patterns in a triangle change with increasing tension. Someone is always uncomfortable in a triangle and pushing for change. The insiders solidify their bond by Basic concepts of stress each other in preference to the less desirable outsider. When someone chooses another person over oneself, it arouses particularly intense feelings of rejection.

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If mild to moderate tension develops between the insiders, the most uncomfortable one will move closer to the outsider. One of the original insiders now becomes the new outsider and the original outsider is now an insider.

The new outsider will make predictable moves to restore closeness with one of the insiders. At moderate tension levels, triangles usually have one side in conflict and two harmonious sides. The conflict is not inherent in the relationship in which it exists, but reflects the overall functioning of the triangle.

Basic concepts of stress

At a high level of tension, the outside position becomes the most desirable. If severe conflict erupts between the insiders, one insider opts for the outside position by getting the current outsider fighting with the other insider.

Basic concepts of stress

If the maneuvering insider is successful, he gains the more comfortable position of watching the other two people fight. When the tension and conflict subside, the outsider will try to regain an inside position. Triangles contribute significantly to the development of clinical problems. For example, getting pushed from an inside to an outside position can trigger a depression or perhaps even a physical illness, or two parents intensely focusing on what is wrong with a child can trigger serious rebellion in the child.

Example Michael and Martha were extremely happy during the first two years of their marriage. She was quite nauseous during the first trimester and developed blood pressure and weight gain problems as the pregnancy progressed.

She talked frequently to Michael of her insecurities about being a mother. The pregnancy places more pressure on Martha and on the marital relationship.

Stress | The Psychology of Stress Management

Michael is outwardly supportive of Martha, but is reactive to hearing about her anxieties. He views her as having a problem. A female infant was born after a long labor. They named her Amy. Martha was exhausted and not ready to leave the hospital when her doctor discharged her.

Over the next few months, she felt increasingly overwhelmed and extremely anxious about the well-being of the young baby.vROps Basic Concepts: Stress Posted on July 10, October 9, by Manuel Weisshaar One of the 9 basic analysis tabs which every object in vRealize Operations Manager has, is “Stress”.

The article's purpose is to introduce the reader to key concepts and models of family stress that family scientists have identified and developed. I describe process models of individual and family stress.

I provide definitions for critical concepts in family stress theory and research and introduce. Determine the aims of the Analysis The purpose of this concept analysis paper is to examine the current definitions and uses of the word stress, and enhance the understanding of the concept with the expectation of finding a working definition that can be put into practical use.

1 CHAPTER – 1 BASIC CONCEPT OF STRESS ITS MEANING & DEFINITION: INTRODUCTION: This introductory chapter defines and explains the concept of stress, the terminology, its. Pages in category "Psychological concepts" The following 45 pages are in this category, out of 45 total.

This list may not reflect recent changes (). Unlike the heat transfer case where the gradient is used directly, in stress analysis the multiple components of the displacement gradients are combined into alternate forms called strains. The strains have geometrical interpretations that are summarized in Figure 3‐2 for 1D and 2D geometry.

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