Bagan to inle lake nightly business report

Flights Domestic [ edit ] The easiest way to get into Inle Lake and the most comfortable is by domestic flight.

Bagan to inle lake nightly business report

We had to be on board at 6: Dragging ourselves out of bed was difficult but driving through the town in the morning mist was lovely. Along the river life was beginning to rouse itself. Street vendors were opening up their shops, those who sold breakfast from a cart were well on the way through their morning and the coal fire smoke filled the air.

At the river we had to carry our luggage down a steep set of steps across one moored ferry and on to ours. It was quite busy as the tour groups who were also travelling on the same ferry arrived at the same time. We handed in our tickets and were given a little stub of paper with our seat number.

We were upstairs on the outside deck. Our seats were large rattan deck chairs in rows across the stern of the ship. The deckhands helped us to store our luggage in the baggage area.

Everyones luggage is stored here and it is kept locked until the ship docks in the evening so there's no worrying about theft.

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As the ship pulled away the sun was just coming up over the hill and although it was cool the promise of heat later could be felt. We curled up and watched life along the shore. We passed some of the areas we had visited with Moe two days before and got some pictures of the stupas dotting the hills from a different perspective.

It really was beautiful. As we sailed along, the scene changed little. Small fishing villages dotted the shore. Huts, houses on stilts, lean-to's made from wood or thatch and covered in tarpaulins housed many of those people we passed along the way.

bagan to inle lake nightly business report

We watched fishermen plying their trade from small boats, tugs pulling loads, women washing clothes or bathing their children. On the shore water buffalo or oxen or people tilling the soil. We passed other boats during the day as well including the RV Road to Mandalay which looked quite nice.

We met a Danish couple at Inle Lake a few days later who had travelled on the ship and were ecstatic about it. It was a highlight for them. As everyone gradually woke up from their morning lethargy on the boat more movement took place.

We wandered around taking photos and spent an hour over a pot of tea in the dining area watching Burmese life on the River. It was just as Somerset Maugham described it. Life here doesn't look like it has changed much from the 's or the 's for that matter.

The land is pretty flat along the Irrawaddy and there was little change for most of the day. It isn't a dramatically beautiful trip scenery wise but very interesting for watching life. At one point in the day we docked in the middle of nowhere. The crew let down a plank which an elderly man, who had been swimming, positioned onto semi dry land.

It was crew change time as two crew disembarked and two more came on board. This was interesting enough to watch them manoeuvre their way down the plank. But from seemingly nowhere there came a group of women and children who obviously had things to sell.

Blankets were opened up for our inspection. They also had fruit, trinkets etc. There was a great scurrying on the boat as people who wished to purchase made their way to the bottom deck. We have some great pictures and video of the bargaining process, the passing of money and purchases between water and ship.

The children were in the water as were the women who were selling. Passengers were throwing candy and shampoo and whatever to the children.

The elderly man was retrieving whatever landed out of reach of the children. And then within five minutes or so we were sailing away, the children waving and candy still flying off the ship.

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It was quite a memorable few minutes.Nov 05,  · Well Yangon is only 3 weeks away. Will do a brief report. Many thanks to the OP and others for the intel! nightly shows.

The set meal is the best deal, including two meat dishes, soup, salad, a side Inle Lake and Bagan. MEIKTILA miqIÏl; % Documents Similar To bagan-central-myanmar LONELY PLANET. Historical Glimpse of Arakan in Ad by m Collis.

Uploaded by. Jul 30,  · independent travel/itinerary - Bagan Forum. Asia ; Myanmar ; Mandalay Region ; Bagan ; One more boat excursion and one day for cooking class & cycling around inle lake around including Red mountain would be a good option.

for nightly shared pick up. Head out around 6 or 7pm but book him to return 1am best nights are . INLE LAKE, Myanmar — The boatman turns off the engine and lets his long boat glide along Myanmar's Inle Lake, as foreign tourists soak in the stunning scenery of villages built on stilts dotting.

Myanmar is slowly emerging as a tourism destination in a region that is a favourite among travellers worldwide. It has a wealth of attractions to draw visitors from abroad, including Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda and its many other diverse cultural and historical sites, Inle Lake’s floating villages and gardens, the Bagan Archaeological Zone and its .

Apr 11,  · HI Guys, Looking at a "rough draft" for our holiday in December/January. 4 adults & 4 teenagers. Yangon 2 nights Hire a driver to Bago/Golden Rock 1 night Bago to Bagan (hire a driver) 4 nights in Bagan. Bagan to Mandalay via ferry/boat Mandalay 3 .

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